Moved our Gallery

I have completed the move of our gallery to our own server. All photos are now hosted at Feel free to browse our galleries.

Hosting Luc’s Gallery

We have started hosting a gallery for Luc Bogaerts, our best friend. Check out Bogey’s Gallery.

Increased Server Space

We dramatically increased our server space: 5 GB have been added to our total server space. It is hosted at We’ll use it mainly to host our own photo gallery. We are in the process of building the new gallery and move the photos from our gallery hosted by fotopic.

But the new server space also serves as hosting server for some of the little side projects we have been working on. We promissed to build a little website for a friend. It opened yesterday. Go check it out at The site is based SPHPBLOG: on a very small but highly flexible blog script.

New Springsteen Coming

Got very exciting news in the mail today: Bruce Springsteen is releasing a new album called Devils and Dust on April 26. The rumors about it were very strong the last couple of weeks, but still the announcement today came as a bit of a surprise. Probably because I’m no longer closely involved with a fan club.

The new album is going to be followed by a world tour. And guess what: I’m going to go see a bunch of shows. I Can’t hardly wait for it! Bring on the music.

Learing to blog

I’m stilling figuring out how this blog script works. Found some problems that I need to sort out. Can’t get my head around it for the moment.

It seems there was a bug in the blog script. Found a bug fix for it, installed it and all is fine again. And with the update to the latests version of the script, I can now use the same header image as on my actual website.

Server Move Complete

We have succesfully completed our server move; we are now hosted at Combell. All pages, scripts and tools are operational again and we have added our own weblog.

Testing the New Server

I remember now why I hate server moves: there is always something that goes wrong, there is always a script somewhere that doesn’t work. Solved most of the problems yesterday, but some still remain. I’m sure that I’ll have everything fixed by the end of the week though.

Server Move

It has finally happened: has moved to a new webserver, with support for PHP, Perl and MySQL. Therefore, I can run a PHP-based blog on the server. I found simple blog software on Sourceforge. With this easy way of sharing my thoughts with the world, you’ll be hearing a lot more from me in the future.

Best Wishes for 2005

We at wish our family and friends a very happy 2005!

And to all our visitors: we wish you and your family a successful and happy 2005. May this year bring you good health and make all your dreams come true.

New Wallpaper Format

During the minor update of last week, we’ve added a new wallpaper format for some of our wallpapers. The new format–1680 x 1050 pixels–will fit most wide screens monitors that you’ll find on some of the newer models of laptops. See our wallpaper page for downloads.