Photography FAQ

Can I rent or borrow latex clothing from you?

No, you can not. My collection of latex clothing has come together over a period of more than 20 years. It has been a major investment and an important part of my photography. I will not borrow or rent it out.

Can I rent your studio?

My studio is part of my private home and therefore I can not rent it out.

Can I rent or borrow your studio equipment and/or camera equipment?

No, absolutely not.

Do you travel for shoots?

If I can fit it in to my schedule, I’m am happy to travel for a photo shoot. We would have to agree on a time and date, and some other practical stuff of course but if you have a proposal feel free to ask. It goes without saying that my standard terms & conditions would apply.

Do you do workshops?

I don’t do workshops on a regular basis at this time. On occasion, I will do one-on-one sessions, depending on the topic and my availability.

I am getting married soon. Will you come shoot my wedding?

Well, 1st off, congrats on your upcoming wedding. But unfortunately I will have to decline your request to be your wedding photographer. I don’t do paid assignments and that includes weddings, bridal parties, baby showers, communions, etc. I will be happy to refer you to a couple of my friends who specialize in these types of photo assignments.

My friend has a startup business [insert name here] and he/she needs pics for his/her website. Will you do a shoot for him/her? You will get credits for the photos and you can have your logo on the website.

I really don’t do commercial assignments. And this clearly a commercial assignment. I’m sorry but you will have to look for another photographer. I have a few recommendations if needed.

We did a shoot together a while back. A friend wants to use the pictures to promote a product in his/her web shop or store. Would that be ok?

As we agreed to a non-commercial TfP-shoot, I can not agree to that. I’m sorry.

Can I bring someone to escort me on my photo shoot?

Yes, you can! If it will make you feel more comfortable, feel free to bring someone along. If you are not of legal age (18 year old in Belgium), I even insist that you bring someone along because there will be no shoot if you are not escorted by a parent or legal guardian. I prefer you bring a female friend, your sister or your mom. It is my experience that having a male escort on set is distracting. Especially boyfriends can be a big distraction.

You have only photos of females in your portfolio. Do you work with males too?

I prefer to work with female models. At this time, I don’t work with male models. That includes duo shoots with male models, boyfriends and/or husbands.

I have a photo shoot coming up with you. What should I bring to the shoot?

I am sure we have agreed on a theme and outfits. So you should obviously bring the outfits we agreed on. And on top of that bring at least 4 pairs of shoes in different styles & colors, a bathrobe and/or a large towel and basic lingerie–preferably seamless–in white, black and skin color.

You have just sent me results from our photo shoot. Can I publish the photo(s)?

Absolutely, feel free to publish them as much as you want. As long as they are not commercially used of course. I would appreciate it if you would let me know where you publish them so I can have a peak.

Should I credit you when I publish photo(s)?

Yes! And as a courtesy to anyone else involved in the photo shoot (makeup artist, stylist, assistant, …) also credit them

I need to cancel my photo shoot appointment, what should I do?

If for some reason—you feel ill or you have some sort of family emergency or something else—you have to cancel our appointment, be polite and send me a message. If possible, send it well in advance. That is always appreciated.

I had to cancel my appointment with you. Will you still want to do a photo shoot with me?

I’m a strong believer in 2nd chances. If you sent me a note to cancel our appointment I am willing to consider a new date. But please understand that I will rarely take the initiative to make a new appointment in that case. If you want to have a chance at working with me after you cancelled, I’ll expect you to send me a message asking for a new appointment. If however, you did not show up for our appointment and did not bother to cancel it, I will not give you another opportunity to work with me.

If I don’t want to wear latex, can I still shoot with you?

I really want to focus on my latex work. It is what I enjoy the most. But if you have a great idea for a photo shoot that does not involve latex, run it by me. If I like it, I will happily work with you.

I would like to work with you but I don’t own any latex clothing. Now what?

I have a large collection of latex garments in lots of colors and sizes. I am sure that we will find something in my collection to your liking. Feel free to drop by and try something one and discuss a shoot while you’re at it.

Can I bring my own music to our shoot?

Yes! Absolutely! I prefer Spotify. If you have a Spotify playlist, I can play that for you. But I can also directly stream or play music from your smartphone if you would like.