Photoshoot Info

Here’s a few important things you need to know before you do a photo shoot with me. Read this through carefully. It will answer most of the basic questions you will have.

If you are an experienced model, you may know most of this. But I still encourage you to read it. There might be a couple of little things that are new to you or that I do differently from other photographers.

If you still have questions after reading this, check my photography FAQ and then drop me a line. And once you’re ready, you can book your photo shoot through my online tool.

The Basics

I am a non-commercial latex fashion photographer. I always work on TfP (Time for Print): that means that I do not charge you anything for my photography. At the same time, I will not pay you to model for me. No salary or wages, and also no fees to cover the costs you make related to the photo shoot.

Hence, my photography is for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed. I only ask that I can publish a selected number of photos on my social media and my website, or as part of my portfolio.

The model is never allowed to re-edit my pictures or use them for commercial purposes. The model can publish them in on your personal website, portfolio and/or social media. But publish them as-is: do not add filters, do not re-color, do not convert to black and white, do not even crop.

I am not available for commercial work like baby portraits, communions, weddings, etc. If you are looking for someone to cover the special events in your life, I can refer you to some of my friends and colleagues.


I usually work with a basic model release outlining the our agreement, including the fore mentioned TfP and non-commercial use requirements. You can download a copy of my model release to read all details.

I will also use a call sheet for complex shoots (working with multiple models, photographers, makeup artists, …). This call sheet contains important information like names and contact details of everyone involved with the photo shoot, date and time, meeting points, locations, etc.


On average, a studio shoot takes 4 hours. Or until we run out of ideas, energy or outfits. I will go through 4 or 5 outfits and/or settings during a shoot. Add a little extra time if you have a make-up artist on set.

Location shoots usually take a little longer and we won’t use as many outfits as I would in the studio.


If you feel sick or if you have were in contact with someone who is sick or recently was sick in the 10 days prior to our appointment, contact me immediately to reschedule our appointment. I will happily reschedule your shoot. When you start to feel sick within 5 days after our shoot, also please let me know.


If you need to cancel or reschedule our appointment, please inform me well in advance. Preferably at least 10 days in advance. I will work with you to find a new date that fits both our schedules. If you cancel or try to reschedule our appointment multiple times, I will completely cancel the shoot.

No-shows, i.e. not meeting our appointment without informing me, are not appreciated. I may result in being excluded from future photo shoot opportunities.


All my photo shoots are be latex-themed. The major part of the shoot will involve latex outfits or a mix of latex and regular clothes. That does not mean that our shoot has to be exclusively latex. I am happy to shoot other themes (fashion, lingerie, …) as part of our shoot but the majority of the outfits have to involve latex.

I know that most models don’t own latex clothing, so I began collecting latex clothing many years ago and have a vast collection in a lot of styles and all most common sizes. I am happy to let a model use my outfits for a photo shoot with me. If you have your own latex clothing feel free to bring it, wear it and combine it with mine.

Latex is a flexible material but it can be a bit fragile. If you do not handle it with care, it will tear. So do be careful when putting on the outfits. And don’t be afraid to ask for a little help.

Latex allergies are quite common. Obviously, a latex themed photo shoot is a big no-no when you have a latex allergy. If you have a latex allergy, let me know and maybe we can work on other themes.

All latex garments and accessories I provide are washed and/or properly disinfected after each use. They are safely stored between shoots and handled by nobody else but me.

If you are younger than 18 years old (legal age in Belgium), I won’t allow you to pose in latex on my shoots.

Make-up Artist

Good make-up makes a world of difference for the photos. So, do yourself a favor and find yourself a good make-up artist to work with. He/she can accompany you to the studio or location and work there. Of course, you can always do your own make-up if you choose to do so.

I prefer to have a make-up artist on set. Over the years, I’ve been working with a couple of good make-up artists. I have a good working relationship with them. Some work on based on TfP like me. Some only accept paid assignments.

I am happy to ask these ladies if they want to work with you. But ultimately, it is the make-up artist that decides if he/she wants to be paid and how much.

When it comes down to make-up, do not rely solely on me. Take some initiative and find yourself a make-up artist for our shoot.

Studio or Location

I can work both in studio or on location. I have a decently equipped studio at home and a spare room that doubles as dressing room. The use of my studio at home is free of charge. My studio is about 5 minutes from the Turnhout train station by car. I can come and pick you up and drop you of at the station if needed.

If you want to use another studio, you will have to bear the possible cost (studio rent, …) that incurs from using that studio.

I am always open to working on location. A nice location adds something extra to a photo. Depending on the theme of the shoot and our ideas, I will help you look for a suitable location. If rent is due for a location, you will have to pay it.

If we have not worked together before, i.e. it is your 1st shoot with me, I insist we work in my home studio.

What to Bring to the Shoot

On top of the clothing and the items we agree to be used on the shoot, there is some things you should always bring to a photo shoot. Please bring lots of shoes. At least 4 pair. Different colors, boots, high heels pumps, sneakers, … Make sure we have lots of options to combine with the outfits and the theme of the shoot.

Bring some basic lingerie, preferably seamless, in the colors white, black and skin color. If you do not have seamless lingerie, bring your most basic set. The less frills, the better.

Even when there is a makeup artist on set, it is a good idea to bring basic makeup like lip gloss and foundation. It allows for little touch ups if the makeup artist needs to leave before the end of the shoot.

Accessories (handbags, umbrellas, hats, scarfs, …) and jewelry (earrings, necklace, armbands, rings, …) often make an outfit a little cooler. Bring some if you can.

A bathrobe, slippers and a large beach towel is always a good idea.

During the shoot

Smoking is not allow in my studio or anywhere else in my house. You are also not allowed to smoke outside while wearing one of my latex outfits. Do not consume alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs prior to our photo shoot or on set.

If at any time during the shoot, you feel uncomfortable with your outfit, the setting or the theme, please tell me. We stop shooting right away and change things around to make you feel more comfortable.

If you don’t want to come all alone to the photo shoot, I don’t mind if you bring an escort. Bring your sister, a friend or one of your parents. As long as your escort is 18 years or older, I don’t mind.

As a matter of fact, if you are a minor and you want to model for me, I insist having one of your parents (or a legal guardian) on set.

I’ll be honest: I would prefer it if you do not bring your boyfriend. I know from experience that having a boyfriend on set is often too big of a distraction for a good photo shoot.

After the shoot

At the end of the shoot, I will transfer the images to my computer. The model can review the images and make a selection of his/her favorite photos. I will base my selection of photos I edit on the model’s selection.

I will never send you contact sheet, unedited photos or small versions of the photos.


On average, I will edit and deliver between 5 and 12 photos of a photo shoot to you. I will make sure there is at least 1 fully edited photos per outfit/setting. It usually takes me between 4 to 6 weeks to finish editing my selection of photos.

You will receive a link to a personal album on my Dropbox. I’ll send that link via email or a PM on Facebook Messenger or Instagram. The Dropbox album will contain the final edit of my selected photos.

These instructions will help you to download your photos if you are not familiar with Dropbox.

The photos will be delivered in JPG format and are optimized for publication on social media and/or prints up to 30cm x 20cm. The maximum resolution of the photos will be 2048 pixels by 1365 pixels.

Your album will be available on my Dropbox at least 6 months after I send you the link to the album. I advise you to download all photos to your personal device and archive them for future use.


The photos I deliver to you are optimized for prints up to 30cm x 20cm. Any decent print lab will be able to print my files. You are allowed to print as many copies of the photo for personal use as you like (commercial use is not allowed).

If you decides to print the photos yourself from the files I provided, I can not be held responsible for the quality of the print.

For larger prints or if you want to certain of the print quality, please contact me. I collaborate with a couple professional photo labs that will print for me. I will provide you with a price quite upon request.

Don’t forget to also read my photography FAQ and if you still have questions, drop me a line. And when you’re ready, please feel free to book your shoot with me.