Air Force One

The President of the U.S.A. paid a visit to Belgium to attend a NATO summit. And that usually creates a little buzz among aviation geeks because that means Air Force One will be in town. I’ve seen Air Force One a couple of times before but I never had a chance to photograph it.

I had a business meeting in the Brussels area today. And I had carefully planned the meeting so it would end right around the time President Biden would be leaving for Geneva. So I packed my photo gear and found me a spot at Brussels airport after my meeting was finished. Since I didn’t know from which runway Air Force One would take off, I choose a spot near the Skeyes control center to cover both sides of the Brussels airport.

I was fortunate: I captured a decent pic of Air Force One skipping of the trees as it left the airport.

This plane is actually a Boeing VC-25, the military version of a Boeing 747 and only 2 of this type are in service. Did you know that the plane only carries the call sign Air Force One when the US President is on board?

US Air Force Boeing VC-25 Air Force One

Shortly after Air Force One took the skies and headed for Geneva, a US Air Force C-32A took off. I believe that is the plane that took the 1st Lady of the U.S.A. back home. I’ve read somewhere she would not be joining the President at his meeting in Geneva.

US Air Force Boeing C-32

Jungle Queen

Finally! After 6 months of inactivity, life returned to my photo studio! I can not begin to explain you how thrilled I was to have a real human in my studio again. One of my favorite humans too: Shannety. Millions of IM’s and countless hours on FaceTime can not compare to having her in the studio.

We shot the swimwear collection for her webshop. This is one of the shots we did. Shannety styled the outfit herself and we added a couple of house plants to complete the jungle look. Needless to say that we had lots of fun turning my studio into a jungle.

Check Shannety’s webshop at for her complete collection of swimwear for this summer.

Model Shannety is a Jungle Queen in her Bikini from

Photoshoots & COVID-16 (6)

As the number of COVID-19 infections in Belgium are declining and more people are getting vaccinated, I have decided to reopened my studio.

I will start doing photoshoots by invitation only for now with the 1st few invitations already gone out. Consecutive photoshoots will be at least 10 days apart. I will adhere to health & safety regulations of the Belgian authorities regarding COVID-19.

When possible and applicable, I prefer outdoor location shoots during the summer. But I will keep the studio available in case of bad weather.

In the meantime, take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe, stay healthy!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Rainbow Colors and a Revealing Latex Swimsuit with Model Shannety

This series got me longing for summer! Bright yellow, flashy orange and fuchsia and rainbow nail polish. Shannety and I shot this series last year at the end of summer. Back when the COVID-19 risk was low.

As we approach spring again and the COVID-19 situation is looking up again, I can’t wait to have her back in the studio for more photo fun. As a matter of fact, I can’t wait to start working on all those ideas–in the studio and on location–we came up with during lockdown.

Rainbow Colors and a Revealing Latex Swimsuit with Model Shannety
Rainbow Colors and a Revealing Latex Swimsuit with Model Shannety

This calls for a hit from the movie Grease soundtrack… “Aaaaaaah! Those summer nights.” I guess it’s time for a little dance now.

Rainbow Colors and a Revealing Latex Swimsuit with Model Shannety

Portfolio Update

I have updated my portfolio pages to display larger photos. I’ve made the thumbnails on the page overview significantly larger. It is a small but significant update. There is a trend to have large and full-screen photos in portfolios and I did not want to stay behind.

All 4 portfolio pages have been updated. Check’em out:

Latex and Vanilla with Svenja

My love for the shiny qualities of latex runs deeps and goes way back. But there’s something about the combination of latex and regular clothes that is attractive too. That latex pencil skirt from William Wilde hugs Svenja’s hips just beautiful. And it matches her lacy lingerie perfectly.

Latex and Vanilla with Svenja
Latex and Vanilla with Svenja
Latex and Vanilla with Svenja

Svenja’s 1st Time in Latex

2020 has been a very difficult year. The COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt on our social lives and even worse fro some. So far, I have been very fortunate and I’ve been spared from the most terrible consequences of the pandemic.

But just as my friends and colleagues in the photography business, I did not get to work with models in my studio a lot in 2020. Publishing the little work I did last year feels strange. I have been holding off on publishing it ’cause I am not sure if it was/is appropriate in these times.

Svenja in Latex by Ardita Fetish Fashion

And yet, I have some work that is definitely worth sharing. Like this set I did with Svenja. We had to postpone our shoot twice last year. She was one of the few models I had in my studio. It was the 1st time Svenja and I met. It was Svenja’s 1st time in latex and she did just great! I’m looking forward to have her back in my studio as soon as the conditions allow for it.

Svenja in Latex by Ardita Fetish Fashion
Svenja in Latex by Ardita Fetish Fashion

Photoshoots & COVID-19 (5)

As I write this 5th update regarding my photoshoots during the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

The situation in Belgium remains volatile. We are still facing higher than expected numbers of COVID-19 infections. The Belgian government and health officials still urge us to be careful. And we still have a protective measures in place to reduce the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, these measures also limit my possibilities for photoshoots.

As a non-commercial photographer, I have to adhere to the measures for the general public. So for now, I will start 2021 with a very limited number of photoshoots. And they will be by invitation only, i.e.: I will contact the model to see if she’s interested and to set up a shoot.

Now more than ever, I wish you happiness and good health for the new year. I hope to see you all in 2021. Stay safe, stay healthy!

Pretty Flamingo

Daria in Pink Latex Lingerie

I got this gorgeous 2 piece latex lingerie set from Pandora Deluxe in their sample sale. It has these beautiful laser cut details that make it seem like lace. It’s all pink and girly. It was the perfect outfit for a warm summer’s day shoot.

When I showed the set to Daria, she was eager to try it on. When I explained her what I wanted to do–pink lingerie on a pink background–she told me that she not really a fan of the color pink. But she indulged me and went a head with the idea. At the end of the shoot, she said she really loved the results. The photos are really girly, but she liked them.

She made me promise that for our next shoot, there will be no more sweet pink thingies. Next time we will do something dark and bold! I promise!

Daria in Pink Latex Lingerie
Daria in Pink Latex Lingerie
Daria in Pink Latex Lingerie
Daria in Pink Latex Lingerie

So, Daria says that pink is her least favorite color. But what do you guys think? Doesn’t she look marvelous in this pink set?

Daria in Pink Latex Lingerie

Photoshoots & COVID-19 (4)

COVID-19 numbers are on the rise again. Belgian government are putting new restrictions in place. In the midst of this, I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

In light of the recent changes, and in an effort to protect my own health and the health of my models, I have decided to put photo shoots on hold until December 31, 2020.

Shoots that were already planned will continue as planned but I will not schedule any new shoots in 2020. I hope things return to normal by 2021 and I can resume photo shoots next year.