The Story of #duckie

I’m not a fan of selfies. I will post the occasional pic of myself or myself with friends. But I prefer to stay behind the camera and take pics instead of being in front of the lens. After all, I am a photographer.

A couple of years ago a friend bought made a rubber duck as a gift. It ended up in my camera bag. A few weeks later, the model I was working with for a fashion shoot, spotted the rubber duck in my bag. She decided to do a selfie with it and posted it on social media. A lot of my friends responded well to the photo.

I started to use the rubber duck more and more in my social media stories and behind the scenes. And it slowly turned into a gimmick. She—yep, it’s a girl—got her own name and her own hashtag: #duckie.

I hardly ever leave the house without #duckie. And instead of doing selfies, I tell my stories through #duckie. She gets to go to a lot of concerts, travels the world, and she enjoys a night on the town in search of good food.

Friends bring the little quacks as gifts from all corners of the world. I’ve got ducks in all shapes and sizes. So #duckie can always dress up for the occasion. She even has her own plane for when we go to air shows. And yes, she has her fetishes too. She’s a little kinky, and like me, she loves latex.

Made with my iPhone
iPhone Photo

There’s a fun little story to all of this: I went to see Bruce Springsteen in Copenhagen in 2016. My friend was broadcasting the show via Periscope. Near the end of the show, in the routine part of the show, I put #duckie on the light of my iPhone, switch on the light and let her float by in front of my friend’s camera. The response of all the fans watching the show, was hilarious. In a heartbeat, people came up with tons of Springsteen song titles with duck references in them.

btw: did you know, she hatched from a chocolate egg?

#duckie Hatching