Two Tone Backdrops

I love working with 2 different color backdrops. It is a simple and fun way to add a little extra to my set. Especially in a small studio like my is, tricks like these bring a little variation to my work. But what would my two toned backdrop be without the beauty of models like Delphine? Or the beautiful designs by latex designers like WIlliam Wilde or Pandora Deluxe?

Delphine Wearing Pandora Deluxe and William WIlde Latex

Latex and Vanilla Clothes Are a Perfect Match

Latex clothing is not as uncommon as it used to be. You see it more often in mainstream media. Movie stars and pop stars are wearing latex on- and off-stage more and more now. And I am surprised that it has not entered the street scene yet. I would love to see the combination latex and vanilla clothes–that is the term latex lovers use for regular clothes–appear in the streets of our cities.

If it doesn’t happen in our streets, I am going to make sure it happens in my photo studio though. I asked Jolien to bring something fancy to wear on a black skirt last time around. She brought the white blouse, the matching jewelry and handbag, make-up artist Elem brought the look for the make-up and I added the black latex skirt. When we did the shoot, I thought Jolien looked like a handsome & smart legal secretary in this outfit so I decided to ask her to be my personal assistant.

Jolien Wears Latex and Regular Clothes
Jolien Wears Latex and Regular Clothes

Best Friends Tea Party

I had best friends Djuna and Shannety over for a little best friends photoshoot a couple of months back. When I asked them what to they had in mind as theme for the shoot, they cried out in excitement: “Let’s have a tea party!”.

Tea parties are still every little girl’s fantasy… Some things never change… Or do they?

Djuna's & Shannety's Tea Party
Djuna's & Shannety's Tea Party


Once in a little while, I come across the craziest of ideas. And usually they are worthwhile to try. Usually, when I share that idea with model Daria, she says “yes!” to modeling for it. And she does without flinching. She was not even backing down when I said I had the crazy idea to have her pose with a beautiful fresh octopus.

It was a lot of fun to do this. Both Daria and I thought it was a lot of fun. I think I might do just another shoot like this in 2020. If you’re a model and you think you’re up for it, drop me a line.

Model Daria Wearing Latex by Westward Bound with Octopus
Model Daria Wearing Latex by Westward Bound with Octopus
Model Daria with Octopus

Collaboration with Dazzled Design Latex

Earlier this year, I saw a note from Simone at Dazzled Designs Latex calling for curvy models to showcase some of her designs. I replied that I had a shoot planned with Gaëlle, a gorgeous curvy model, a few weeks later and we would love to work with her designs. A couple of mails went back and forth to make arrangements. Simone sent us this absolutely stunning set: a zebra latex halter bra & high cut, high waist panties.

Model Gaëlle in Zebra Striped Latex by Dazzled Designs Latex

Model Gaëlle in Zebra Striped Latex by Dazzled Designs Latex

Model Gaëlle in Zebra Striped Latex by Dazzled Designs Latex

Thank you so much for the opportunity Simone! I still feel honored to have worked with your designs. Even though you’re retiring your shop, I’m sure we will meet again somewhere up the road. And of course a big thank you to Gaëlle for modeling for me.

Timeless Beauty Portrait

If it comes down to doin’ a classic and timeless beauty portrait, I think this is the most classic and timeless I can come up with. My lovely friend Shannety sat down with me for a portrait inspired by the paintings of Flemish Master Peter Paul Rubens.

Thank you Britt for the awesome make-up!

Classical Beauty Shannety

Breakfast in Bath

Ingredients for a fun pic: a couple of gallons of milk, half a box of Froot Loops, a bikini from C&A and a model that is crazy enough to bring it all together. So, meet Annelies! She came up with the idea and she pulled it off in style.

Milk Bath Shoot with Annelies

Little Black Dress

I understand everyone’s infatuation with that little black dress after working with Delphine in my photo studio a while back. Doesn’t she look beautiful in this little black latex dress by Eustratia?

Delphine Wearing a Little Black Dress in Latex by Eustratia
Delphine Wearing a Little Black Dress in Latex by Eustratia

Alexandra in the All-White Set

It has been a little quiet on the photography front this year. I don’t spend as much time behind the camera as I would like. And I am spending way not enough time sharing my work. Too much other priorities I’m afraid.

The little time I did spend in my studio had me revisit an old love: the all-white set. I did some work with Lynn in the all-white set in January and with Alexandra somewhere in May. Let me share my favorite pic from that shoot.

All-White Set & Latex with Alexandra

My Favorite Make-Up Artist Elem

My favorite make-up artist Elem

Meet Elem! She’s my favorite make-up artist. I have the absolute pleasure to call this young lady my friend.

And I’m fortunate to work with her on many of my photography projects. She lifts my work to an higher level. She has worked with me on so many occasions, all it takes is a few words, a quick look at the model’s outfits and a little mood board for her to know exactly what it takes. I entrust her with the whole make-up and hair thing on set. What ever she comes up with always turns out great.

You’re amazing Elem! Thank you!