June 29, 2022

Model Liz – Part 2

Sometime in April, I posted a series of photos from Liz. Find them here. Liz obviously did not drop by my studio for that...

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Fashion Shoot in Antwerp with model Shannety
June 20, 2022

Meet Me In The City

I hadn’t been shooting on location for a while. I desperately needed to break out of my studio. I need to break out of...

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Tigh high boots and a touch of latex perfect model Axelle's look
June 14, 2022

A Touch Of Latex

Sometimes, all you need is just a little touch of latex to perfect an outfit. It helps to have the right footwear and a...

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Model Liz in red latex
June 5, 2022

Red Carpet Meetings

Liz brought her best friend Yaël to our shoot. And she also brought some of her own latex outfits. The 1st thing that came...

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Kirsten in latex by Zorenko London and Ardita Fetish Fashion
May 5, 2022

Orange Is The New Black

It’s always a lot of fun to shoot these tone-on-tone sets. With the right model, an outfit that has the same color as the...

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Model Liz wearing latex from Westward Bound
April 25, 2022

Model Liz

A shoot from the very popular series shoot-got-postponed-due-to-you-know-what… Here’s the 1st results from my shoot with Liz. We were supposed to do this shoot...

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Shannety wearing black latex, corset and balletheels
March 29, 2022

Retro Backgrounds in Photoshop

My black-on-turquoise photos with Axelle turned out to be a smash hit on Instagram. It turns out that #balletheels is what made them popular....

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Model Romi in a casual winter outfit
December 30, 2021

Blonde Over Blue

I am blessed to have a few models that I consider resident models. Actually, I consider them to be good friends that happen to...

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Model Romi Joins my Personal Protection Detail
November 12, 2021

Personal Protection Detail

My friend and model Romi has joined my personal protection detail. Armed to the teeth–with airsoft guns obviously–she makes me feel very safe in...

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Model Axelle black latex and ballet heels
November 2, 2021

Black on Turquoise

This is how things start… A little conversation between Axelle and I: Me: Axelle, you’ve been a ballet dancer, right?Axelle: Eumh… Yeah! Why?Me: I...

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