(VfC) Kennedy Space Center

I went down to the Atlantic coast for a visit to Kennedy Space Center (260 photos). I met a very nice guy from Philly… Thank you Craig for the great company and great food. We toured Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral together. Got a splendid look at the Capes past and future… No less then 6 launch pads had a rocket ready to go. Unfortunately, they had postponed the launch that was scheduled for today. And I also got a first hand look at the damage done by huricanes Charlie, Ivan and Jeanne. The damage to the VAB at the Cape was obvious, but when Craig and I drove up to Cocoa Beach for a bite to eat, I saw trees and road signs that were snapped as if they were matches. A lot of house at Cocoa Beach suffered damage to the roof, some windows were still boarded up and one gas station was completely blown away.

(VfC) Sea World

Shot 345 photos at Sea World today. Always loved Seaworld and just can’t get enough of it. I got to the park early since I woke up at 06:00H. And with nothing else on my mind but shooting photos walked around the park. I spent about 3 hours with Shamu. Put my camera to the test at the Shark exhibit–should have gone for that dive–and petted a dolfin. I actually touched a dolfin! Had dinner and a Yankees game at Hooters across the street from the hotel. As a little extra: there’s a Domino’s Pizza across the street too 🙂

(VfC) Goin’ to Orlando to See Bruce

Springsteen is playing a series of concerts with REM to get the American people out and vote (for John Kerry). I just had to take the opportunity to see Bruce play in the US. So, I hopped on a flight to Orlando for one of the Vote for Change concerts.

Had a pretty smooth flight over. But man, do I hate those red-eye flights: got to the hotel around one at night and woke up after only 4 hours of sleep… Major bummer.

New Gallery Available

We had previously introduced a few photos on our new photo website Since then, we worked hard to get the first galleries online. Check’em out if you want…

First there is a small gallery with impressions of the visit of the Queen Mary 2 to the Port of Rotterdam. The Queen Mary 2 is the world’s largest cruise ship. And there is part 1 of the Belgium Digital Shooting Day. Finally, check out the gallery of our trip to Warner Bros Movie World. Us and some friends had some good clean fun with Bugs Bunny, Tweety and of course Marvin the Marsian.

Belgium Digital Shooting Day

We went to the 2nd Belgium Digital Motor & Car Shooting Day last week Sunday. Although we are frequent visitors of the Belgium Digital website, it was the 1st time we participated in one of their shooting days. We had a blast: a bunch of people, all with digital cameras, looking for and taking pictures of nice spots in the Flanders countryside.

Also look at Luc Bogaerts’ and Robert Den Ouden’s albums of that same day.

Rolling Stones Fan Day Belgium

A good friend of mine, Peter De Vreese, is a die hard Rolling Stones fan. He’s as much a Rolling Stones fan as Kris is a Springsteen fan; maybe even more. He and some friends are organizing a Rolling Stones Fan Day in Belgium on Saturday, October 09, 2004. Check out their website for more information: Sticky Fingers Belgian Rolling Stones Fanclub.

Back from holidays

We’ve just got back from 3 fun weeks of holidays. Visited relatives in Austin, TX and then flew down to Southern California. Hiking in the national parks, shopping in Vegas and Beverly Hills. Following the stars in Hollywood… anything goes… as long as it is fun. Have a look at our photos from a week in Texas and 2 weeks in California.

And we absolutely want to thank Peter & Ann for having us. It was great fun. See you guys soon.

Gallery Update

The gallery pages have been updated with more photos from our past holidays. Updates that were long overdue, because only now have we added the highlights of our trips to Florida in 1997, and to Beijing and New York in 1998. Another 50 or so photos have been added in the respective galleries.

It was nice doing this update though. It had been a while since we looked at some of these photos. And looking at them brought back a lot of nice memories. It reminded us of how many interesting places we’ve visited and how many great things we’ve seen.

Gallery Update

Our gallery has been updated. All the photos from our recent short trips are back online. Check out our photos of Disneyland Paris, London 2002 and 2003, Legoland and München.

Best Wishes for 2004

We are in the proces of recontructing our site. The new layout has been put in place and some content is back up. Sections that are online now are: About Us, Wallpapers, Links and the Misc Gallery. More content will be made available again over the course of the next days and weeks. Stay tuned…

We at wish our family and friends a very happy 2004!

And to all our visitors: we wish you and your family a successful and happy 2004. May this year bring you good health and make all your dreams come true.