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Just a quick note to let all of you know that I have finished the theme for our gallery. Our blog and our gallery should have pretty much the same look and feel now.

“Born to Run” Re-release

SONY Music has just announced the re-release of Bruce Springsteen’s album Born to Run to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original release. The album is perceived to Springsteen’s best album by many of the fans. I be inclined to agree; it’s an excellent rock album.

This 30th anniversary re-release is very exciting because it will contain 2 bonus DVDs: one disc contains a “making of” documentary and the 2nd disc contains a full live show from the Born to Run tour. The show was taped live by at the Hammersmith in 1975 by the BBC. It is said to be a stunning show.

For the press release longtime manager Jon Landau wrote: “I believe that the combination of the great 1975 concert footage, the brilliant documentary of the making of the album and the dazzling remastering of ‘Born to Run’ add up to a nearly perfect storm of Bruce’s music.”

Intenational Rolling Stones Fan Day

The Belgian Rolling Stones fan club Sticky Fingers is having its 2nd international fan day in a couple of weeks. My friend Peter De Vreese is helping to organize the fan day, so I thought I’d put a shameless plug for their thingy on our blog.

So, if you like the Rolling Stones, you should be in Lede on Saturday, October 29, 2005.

Updating the Look-and-Feel of our Gallery

I’m updating the theme of our gallery to match it to the layout of our new blog. This is a major overhaul of the basic Coppermine themes currently in place. It’s gonna take a lot of work and quite some time to get it done. I’ll be testing the new theme from time to time and you may see a garbled lay-out on our gallery.

Model Shoot Gallery Online

The gallery with photos from the Belgium Digital shooting day at the coalmine of Waterschei is now complete. I have put close to a 100 photos online. It has been quite a task to go through all of the photos (over 750 in total) select the best ones and get them ready for publishing.

I finished this gallery a couple of days back, but with didn’t get around to posting it on the blog due to all the changes to it. If you would like to see more, check out the full gallery.

Once again: thank you to everyone involved in the organization of the shooting day and of course a very big thank you to all the models.

New Blog Software

The blog software we used for the previous version of proved to be insecure. So it is “out with the old one, and in with the new”. We have migrated to worlpress over the weekend. With a little help from Peter Vancorenland, who also migrated his blog recently, I got the software up and running in no time. Thank you Peter for your info.

We hope everyone will continue to enjoy our blog.

Gallery of New York Holiday On Line

We have been struggling with our gallery software for some time. That has kept us from putting photos from our holiday to New York City on line. The problems have not been solved yet. In fact, I can’t seem to put his finger on the problem.

Never the less, we wanted to bring the New York City gallery on line fast. So we opted to upload the photos in a smaller size. We hope you will enjoy the photos. Here’s just a few samples; the complete gallery holds 107 photos (our biggest gallery to date).

Another Model Shoot

We took part in another Belgium Digital model shoot yesterday. The 3 of us–Kris, Lies and our best friend Luc Bogaerts that is–had a blast: lots of interesting photo opportunities, lots of photos, lots of fun and to top it all of a BBQ. We link to say a big thank you to everyone at Belgium Digital who made this day possible and to all the models who were kind enough to work with us!

It was hard work and it’s going to be even more hard work to sift through 600+ photos and put up a full gallery. So stay tuned for more photos from this shoot. I’ll have this gallery ready before the end of September.

Come to think of it: we still have to upload a bunch of photos of our trip to New York and New Jersey. I’ll upload them after finishing the photos of the model shoot.

Our 1st Geocache

We drove to the Ardennes yesterday for a little geocache. Never heard of geocaching? It’s a high tech version of a little game called hide-and-seek. Someone hides a little box with goodies and then tells you at which coordinates the box is hidden. All you need to do is to take your GPS and find your way to that little box. Sometimes you have to solve small puzzles or find other things a long the way to get where you need to be.

Got you interested? Check out or for more info.

We tried our luck on the cache GC8342. Arrived in the area shortly before sunset, but since we knew it was just a little hike, we’d gone ahead, took our gear (GPS and camera) and tried to find it anyway. The stash was easy to find and we had plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. A pity that we didn’t arrive sooner because there is was very nice there: very beautiful place for a day hike and to shoot pictures.

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