Shot on an iPhone with Magalie

Challenge yourself as a photographer from time to time… Just ’cause it’s fun. Last year I said I wanted to have a go at a photo shoot with just an iPhone as the camera. It took me until this summer to actually set it all up: Magalie was kind enough to model for me on this endeavour and my buddy James was there to help me and light the scene.

It turned out to be quite a challenge. The iPhone has a wide-angle lens in it’s front camera, so I had to get really close to Magalie to shoot portraits. And despite the fact that Magalie and I are good friends , it felt awkward to be that close to each other to take pictures. I did the shoot with the camera of Lightroom Mobile Lightroom CC and even though it allows you to control most settings of the iPhone’s camera, it is still quite a hassle to get a beautifully exposed photo.

But all in all, it was a fun experiment which I plan to repeat in the future.

Portrait of Magalie Shot on an iPhone

Magalie Shot on an iPhone

When you see yourself in the reflection of your model’s sunglasses, does that count as a selfie? Anyway, this is just a very beautiful up-close portrait. And, don’t forget it was shot on an iPhone 7, with no flash, just a reflection panel.

Portrait of Magalie Shot on an iPhone

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