Latex and Vanilla Clothes Are a Perfect Match

Latex clothing is not as uncommon as it used to be. You see it more often in mainstream media. Movie stars and pop stars are wearing latex on- and off-stage more and more now. And I am surprised that it has not entered the street scene yet. I would love to see the combination latex and vanilla clothes–that is the term latex lovers use for regular clothes–appear in the streets of our cities.

If it doesn’t happen in our streets, I am going to make sure it happens in my photo studio though. I asked Jolien to bring something fancy to wear on a black skirt last time around. She brought the white blouse, the matching jewelry and handbag, make-up artist Elem brought the look for the make-up and I added the black latex skirt. When we did the shoot, I thought Jolien looked like a handsome & smart legal secretary in this outfit so I decided to ask her to be my personal assistant.

Jolien Wears Latex and Regular Clothes
Jolien Wears Latex and Regular Clothes
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  1. […] her beautiful lace bodice with a latex skirt from Atsuko Kudo. After doing photo shoots with Jolien and Axelle combining latex and vanilla clothes, I am starting to really like that […]