Building a Webshop

When your favorite model calls you to ask if you wanna help her with a new project, what would you say? When I got the question from Shannety, I said:”What are your plans? How can I help?”. That started us on an adventure to build a webshop. She did most of the work. I helped her with the photography of course and provided a lot of consultancy. And tataaaa… A few weeks later, or rather a few months later, she has a webshop selling the cutest dresses and more.

I am quite excited about the launch of her webshop today. We’ve both put a lot of effort and hours in the project. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished so fare. I wish her the best of luck with the shop. And I will continue to support her of course.

Do me a favor and visit Shannety’s shop at:

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