The Making of a Product Shot

It ain’t easy to be a non-commercial photographer in the middle of a pandemic. Especially when you’re used to work with models Keeping 6ft apart, wearing mouth masks, government rules and personal safety–mine and my models’–sorta forced me to halt all studio shoots for 6 months.

One way out was product shoots for my friend’s webshop: SecretLittleCloset. Skirts, dresses, swimwear and earrings! Yes, you’ve read it right: earrings! I am always in for a challenge, so I built myself a little product studio and started working on it.

Shannety and I had bounced some ideas around. She wanted a series of photos where the earrings are dangling from a twig. I said I had some ideas with flowers. Off I went to the florist for a bouquet of roses and some orchids. I cut a nice twig from a tree in the garden. And I started experimenting. Dug up some tools and props around the house and carefully started to build a scene. Well, several scenes actually.

Behind the scenes of a product shoot
Behind the scenes of a product shoot

After a couple of hours of trying and tweaking, I finally had a setup that worked for me. Things became easy then. I finished the complete shoot in about 30 minutes. Here are a few of the final results of my hard work.

Earrings by Product Shot
Earrings by Product Shot

You can buy these and all other earrings I shot that weekend in the jewelry section of Shannety’s SecretLittleCloset.

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