Air Force One

The President of the U.S.A. paid a visit to Belgium to attend a NATO summit. And that usually creates a little buzz among aviation geeks because that means Air Force One will be in town. I’ve seen Air Force One a couple of times before but I never had a chance to photograph it.

I had a business meeting in the Brussels area today. And I had carefully planned the meeting so it would end right around the time President Biden would be leaving for Geneva. So I packed my photo gear and found me a spot at Brussels airport after my meeting was finished. Since I didn’t know from which runway Air Force One would take off, I choose a spot near the Skeyes control center to cover both sides of the Brussels airport.

I was fortunate: I captured a decent pic of Air Force One skipping of the trees as it left the airport.

This plane is actually a Boeing VC-25, the military version of a Boeing 747 and only 2 of this type are in service. Did you know that the plane only carries the call sign Air Force One when the US President is on board?

US Air Force Boeing VC-25 Air Force One

Shortly after Air Force One took the skies and headed for Geneva, a US Air Force C-32A took off. I believe that is the plane that took the 1st Lady of the U.S.A. back home. I’ve read somewhere she would not be joining the President at his meeting in Geneva. It took US Secretary of State Antony Blinken back to home to Washington D.C.

US Air Force Boeing C-32
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