Movie Clips

I posted 2 movies clips in our gallery from our visit to De Vossemeren. Watch Kelly making funny faces, and watch Lies and Kelly coming down the slide.

Springsteen in Brussels

Bruce Springsteen was in Brussels last night for a solo acoustic concert in his Devils and Dust tour. And despite all the problems with the ticket sales, I managed to get a pair of tickets for the 13th row. It was a very enjoyable show.

As important to me as the show itself, is meeting new and old friends before the show. So we made our way to Vorst Nationaal way before the start of the show. Parked the car near the venue–no stress for us–and had a few drinks with friends. It was so good to see al those people that I hadn’t seen for a long time.

But on the main event: Springsteen’s concert. I was afraid that, after seeing the show in Los Angeles, the European shows weren’t going to as good. But I was wrong! The Belgian public respected Springsteen’s request for silence during the performance, but greeted each song with enthusiasm and heart warming applause. And though Vorst Nationaal is big venue for solo acoustic performances, Bruce was able to make it feel small and cozy. It felt more like my living room than a venue that holds 7000. Springsteen reached everyone; the show had power yet created an intimate atmosphere.

Although Devils and Dust isn’t Springsteen’s best album–at least not in my opinion– must admit like this tour just as much as concerts with the E-Street Band. And I like this tour better than his 1st solo acoustic tour. This tour has a good mix of old and new songs. And in Brussels, Springsteen impressed me most with Reason to Believe, State Trooper, Thougher Than the Rest and Racing in the Streets. Matamoros Banks and Reno are still the best songs from his new album.

I was really impressed with Springsteen’s performance. I hope he will impress me again in Düsseldorf and Rotterdam.

Back from Holidays

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we’ve returned from our trip to New York. We are still a bit tired from the flight. But at least we had a good time. We’re working on a photo gallery and a little report of the trip. Will be online soon…

We have already uploaded some random photos to our gallery.

1st Devils and Dust Show

We arrived in New York City for a 10 day holiday. I flew from New York City to Los Angeles, CA for his 1st show in Springsteen’s new Devils and Dust tour.

An excellent show! Bruce played almost 3 hours at the Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. The Pantages Theatre is a very beautiful theatre and creates the perfect setting for an intimate solo acoustic concert. Springsteen plays guitar and piano on this tour. He was very focused on telling us his stories about love, children and everyday family life. But despite that he staid very in touch with the audience and treaded us with a few laughs. And he played quite some of my favorite songs. I particularly liked the new versions of Reason to Believe and Johnny 99.

Apparently there were quite some celebrities in the audience (Sean Penn, Jackson Browne, Meg Ryan, Danny DeVito and Pierce Brosnan), but I didn’t see any of them. I was too caught up in the moment to even think about looking for someone I might know, I guess.

You can read my full review of the show (in Dutch) on the website of Be True.

Added Old Site News to Blog is now fully migrated to a blog powered by Simple PHP Blog. We finished migrating all site news entries on the homepage and also moved all static pages to the blog format. This marks the birth of v5.0. In the next days, we will adapt the look-and-feel of our photo gallery to make it the same as the rest of our site and that will complete the migration of our site to a fully scripted and automated site.

Springsteen’s New Album and Tour

The release date for Bruce Springsteen’s new album called Devils & Dust is drawing near. Only 2 more weeks before the album is released worldwide. The marketing campaign is going full speed ahead. There have been listening parties all over the United States and now we get a chance to listen to the new album before it hits the stores. Kris has been invited to the Dutch listening party in Amsterdam on Monday.

And Springsteen’s new solo acoustic tour is about to start too. Rehersals are already under way and the tour will start on 25 april in the US. By the middle of May, Springsteen will play in Europe also. Ticket sales has already started. And although it was chaos as expected, we managed to score tickets for a few shows. You’ll be able to read our reviews on these pages.

Increased Server Space

We dramatically increased our server space: 5 GB have been added to our total server space. It is hosted at We’ll use it mainly to host our own photo gallery. We are in the process of building the new gallery and move the photos from our gallery hosted by fotopic.

But the new server space also serves as hosting server for some of the little side projects we have been working on. We promissed to build a little website for a friend. It opened yesterday. Go check it out at The site is based SPHPBLOG: on a very small but highly flexible blog script.