Model for a Day Shui

Shui is a fellow Springsteen fan and a fellow photographer. We bump in to each other at concerts a couple of times a year and sometimes shoot side-by-side. A couple of months ago, she said she really liked my model photography and she asked if I would want to do a photo shoot with her.

After My friend Elem was done with makeup, we went ahead and shot these beautiful portraits:

[av_one_third first av_uid=’av-5k1iek’]Model for a Day - Shui[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third av_uid=’av-4rb4r0′]Model for a Day - Shui[/av_one_third]

[av_one_third av_uid=’av-2b6jsc’]Model for a Day - Shui[/av_one_third]

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