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Best Team Ever

It is an absolute joy to work with models Shannety and Romi. After working with Shannety for more than 7 years, she’s more than a regular model. I can say she’s a friend. Romi is an absolute doll. I am happy that she wants to model for me after being away from the modeling business […]

New Face Caroline

Caroline showed up for a casting wearing a shirt saying Shut up & take me to New York. We had never met before and without formal introduction, I asked her “When do you wanna leave?”. She paused for a second, smiled and replied “How about next week?”. That conversation broke the ice and about 10 […]

The ‘59 Sound Redux

The Gaslight Anthem is currently touring to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of their sophomore album The ’59 Sound. Like their lead singer Brian Fallon, the band hails from New Brunswick, NJ. The band appeared on my radar when Bruce Springsteen did a couple of notable guest appearances with them. I remembering loving […]


Is that still a thing? #mycalvins? A little while ago, every model and photographer wanted to do their own take on the Calvin Klein underwear thingy, but lately, I’ve not seen too many of those pics appearing in my social media feeds. I did my take on them #mycalvins pics way back in January. I’ve […]