Hello Atlanta

We arrived in Atlanta, GA with no issues. Smooth fight with Delta.

Atlanta is home to the headquarters of CNN and Coca-Cola. And what do you do on a rainy day? Right! You take the tour at CNN and Coca-Cola World.

At CNN we goofed around, posing as news anchors. They wouldn’t have us though. We lacked relevant experience apparently.

Selfie at the CNN Newsroom in Atlanta, GA

CNN Worldwide Headquarters in Atlanta, GA

Visiting Coca-Cola World is just a lot of fun: trying to unravel the secret recipe of Coca-Cola. And I think I know what it is. When you see all the promo materials Coke produced over time, I think the true secret to their success is being a famous household name.

The Original Coca-Cola Bottle

Coca-Cola World

Atlanta is our 1st stop on the music part of the trip: we got to see Faith Hill & Tim McGraw on their Soul2Soul tour at the Philips Arena. Really awesome show.

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw Soul2Soul Tour in Atlanta, GA



Travel Soundtrack

As I pack my bags to leave for a trip to Tennessee for nothing but good food, a lot of booze, country music and time to shoot some photos, I have made a little Spotify playlist that will make them long drives over country roads a party.

There’s so much great music originating from Tennessee: blues, rock’n’roll, a bit of folk and a whole lot of country. I know for sure I will have a blast while I’m out there. YES! I will go visit the Grand Ole Opry!

But before heading to Tennessee, I go to Atlanta, GA to see Faith Hill & Tim McGraw in concert.

Museum aan de Stroom (MAS)

I love Antwerp! It’s one of my favorite cities in the world. And that’s because it has a perfect mix old and new architecture, it has cool bars and nice restaurants. And it has cool museums. The MAS, Museum aan de Stroom, is one of those. Opened 2011, amidst some controversy about the design, it stands 10 stories high in an area of the city that is in full expansion. And from its rooftop you’ll have a great view over Antwerp.

MAS Museum Antwerp

Quality of iPhone Photos

Why are so many people picking on the quality of iPhone photos, and of any smartphone for that matter? Everybody says the photos are just not good enough for print or to show them on large format. Well, let’s talk about that for a minute…

I bought my 1st digital camera back in 2001. I took it with me on vacation to Hawaii and shot this photo of the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor with it.

Pearl Harbor

The Olympus E-10 that I had back then, had a 3.7 megapixel sensor. Compact Flash cards cost a fortune. So I shot in what was called HiRes JPEG on that trip to get the most out of my memory card. Effectively, this photo is 1600 x 1200 pixels (that is a mere 1.83 megapixel).

This photo is hanging on a wall in my office, printed at 60cm x 40cm (23.6″ x 15.7″) behind plexiglass. After 15 years, I still love it. And I can promise you I will not take it down from my office wall anytime soon.

If you look real close at the print, it is grainy and a little soft.  The people on deck of the USS Arizona Memorial are nothing more than multi-colored blobs. And you can see some grain in the clouds too. But when you look at it from the right viewing distance,  it is a stunning photo that brings back quite a few memories.

Now consider this: my iPhone 7 has a 12MP camera, plenty of memory, shoots RAW and I can edit my photos in Lightroom Mobile right on my phone. So why should it produce photos that are inferior to that 15 year old photo I like so much?

Well, it doesn’t! The other day, I was in Antwerp attempting a long exposure shot of the new Port House, the Antwep Port Authority HQ designed by architect Zaha Hadid.

Antwerp Port House by Zaha Hadid Architects

While waiting on the sun to set, I flipped out my iPhone and shot and edited this photo of the building in Lightroom Mobile. On my iPhone! Guess what? It holds up to that 15 year old photo of the USS Arizona Memorial. And if that one was good enough to print at 60cm x 40cm, the iPhone photo should be good enough for print too.

Antwerp Port Authority HQ

The Port House are the new headquarters of the Antwerp Port Authority and is a very popular subject for photographers these days. The building is a fusion a modern design by Architect Zaha Hadid sitting on top of an old firehouse by architect Emiel Van Averbeke. So why not have a go at it myself?

Port House by Architect Zaha Hadid for the Antwerp Port Authority

Editing Photos on your iPhone with Snapseed

When it comes to editing photos on my iPhone, Snapseed is one of my favorites. It was conceived developed by Nik Software and after Google acquired Nik Software, Google continues to develop it.

I love the versatility of Snapseed: you can apply on of many Instagram-like filters to give your photo a specific look or you can decide to use the more Photoshop-like tools to get the most out of your photo. Photographers have been using Snapseed for years. As have I.

Snapseed on your iPhone

I love the individual controls of Snapseed. I will use it’s features Tune Image, Details and Brush a lot. All of them are done on a separate layer which still can be change after you apply them. So you can always undo or tune your edits. True non-destructive editing in a sense.

Snapseed has a couple of cool looking frames to put around your photos too.

The combination of shooting RAW on your iPhone with Camera+ and editing in Snapseed is second to none. I have largely switches to doing it all in Adobe Lightroom Mobile. But that is because I am a heavy LR users. Snapseed however is my backup solution.

Snapseed is available for iOS and Android. And on top of all this, Snapseed is absolutely free.

My Collaboration with Sharon Shared on curvy.be

Screenshot of Curvy.be Instagram

My friends of curvy.be shared my  photo of model Sharon wearing a CURVES ON FLEEK tank top on their Instagram feed. It is always nice to see my work shared by folks who like my work. And it makes me especially happy to have received proper credits, both for myself as photographer and for Sharon as the model.

The photo has been doing quite well over at curvy.be’s IG: it passed the mark of 2200 likes. I think this makes it my 2nd most successful photo ever. A couple of years back, one of my snapshots at the Duvel Brewery got picked up by them and received over 6500 likes on Facebook.

Even though I am not in it for the likes and shares, it is very flattering to have my work shared. I had a lot of fun on that shoot with Sharon and I like the photo myself. That makes it all extra cool.

Curvy Sharon in Color

I like to experiment a bit at the end of a photo shoot. Once I’m confident that I have at least 1 or 2 cool photos, I will try something new. That is: something that is new to me. Color gels are my new something right now. It has been for a while. 

I’m slowly getting the hang of it. After going through a couple of fashion outfits on our last shoot, the lovely Sharon agreed to try something with color gels. We both found this pic to be cool.

Curvy Sharon in Color

Nanoe as a Latex Bunny

Nanoe is definitely sweeter and nicer that her top leads to believe. We had a lot of fun back in February on our 1st collaboration together. We had agreed to do a series of portraits and then some fun stuff. I will stick to the fun stuff. The portraits are nice. Nanoe has a very pretty face after all. But the fun stuff is really fun, and way cooler that the portraits we did.

Nanoe Is Nicer Than Her Top Says

Nanoe Is Nicer Than Her Top Says

When I asked Nanoe what latex outfit she wanted to wear for the last session of our shoot, she said she wanted to wear the kitten ears. And that is exactly what happened: she wore the Larissa Latex Harness Dress from Pandora Deluxe with a belt from Mico Couture and the Kitten Ears from Lady Lucie.

Nanoe as a Latex Bunny

Sharon’s Curves Are in Fleek

There’s a lot of perks to working with an experienced model. But Sharon always brings a little extra to the table. She’s always well prepared, brings more outfits than we can shoot in an afternoon and she always has something cool. Take this CURVES ON FLEEK top. It is just too cute not the use in on a photo shoot.

Sharon's Curves Are on Fleek

Sharon's Curves Are on Fleek

No photoshoot with me would be comeplete if it does not involve some latex. And combining lingerie and latex was definitely a good idea. It shows off Sharon’s beautiful curves and tattoos. I really love this photo.

Curves, Tattoos and Latex