Lommelse Sahara with Eva

Eva was part of the same team that helped out on the photo shoot with Shannety I shared earlier this week.  I knew we was in good hands as could rely on the help of Stef, Ben, Michel and Elem for makeup. Eva said she really wanted to wear that unique bondage gown from Inner Sanctum she had tried on a couple of times on other shoots but we never got around shooting. Who am I to disagree with that? After all, the dress fits her just beautifully! Eva in a Unique Latex Gown by Inner Sanctum in the Lommelse Sahara

While the sun slowly set and Eva was tryin’ to soak up the last bit of warmth from the sun, we shot this nice environmental portrait. Thanks a million Eva and the rest of the team for a super fun day!

Eva in a Unique Latex Gown by Inner Sanctum in the Lommelse Sahara

Smoke and Pinewoods and Latex and Shannety

Last month I headed out to the Lommelse Sahara with models Shannety and Eva. I had been planning to do a shoot with latex and smoke grenades for some time. I got help from my friends Ben Clement, Stef Vandenborre and Michel Keppens and Elem Durmaz doin’ the make up on this shoot. I’ll do a blog post on shooting with Eva soon. Today I want to share the photos of Shannety with you all.

For our 1st shoot of the day, Shannety was wearing a latex dress by HMS Latex. We soon found out there was a little too much wind to be working with smoke. No the less, a couple of nice shots from that 1st session.

Shannety in a Latex Dress by HMS Latex at the Lommelse Sahara

Shannety in a Latex Dress by HMS Latex at the Lommelse Sahara

Shannety in a Latex Dress by HMS Latex at the Lommelse Sahara

Shannety then changed into a semi-transparent top from KinkyKex and a black pencil skirt by William Wilde. Turns out that is a very sexy combo and I’m sure you’ll be seeing some more of that outfit. And as the wind died down, we got better results with the smoke.

Shannety in Transparent Latex by KinkyKex and William Wilde

Shannety in Transparent Latex by KinkyKex and William Wilde

Just before sunset we squeezed in a short shoot with one of my favorite outfits: the Larissa Harness Dress by Pandora Deluxe and the Bear G Crop Jacket from Meat.

Shannety in Latex by Meat Clothing and Pandora Deluxe at Sunset

Needles to say we had a great day with the team. Lots of laughs and fun even though it was kinda cool and windy. Ben was kind enough to shoot a little behind the scenes video from the shoot that day.

Portrait Session with Adela

I’ve watching Peter Hurley‘s The Art Behind The Headshot a few times the last months. Very inspirational stuff: the way Peter lights his model, the way he directs his model and the things he says –yes, I love the hurleyisms!–to get expression on the model’s face. And I have been thinking how I can recreate that same light and atmosphere in my portraits with my lighting equipment. I obviously did not want to copy the master, but it was a good learning experience to mimic his lighting.

Portrait of Adela

Model Adela has recently joined the model agency I work for on occasion and she needed formal portraits. Perfect opportunity to try the things I’ve learned from Peter Hurley. Adela was kind enough to go along with the plan and patiently pose for me. We both felt it paid off though.

Portrait of Adela

Portrait of Adela

Thank you Peter Hurley for the awesome instructional video. And thank you very much for a fun photo shoot and your patience Adela!

New Face: Anneleen

I dropped by the Atsuko Kudo studio on my last visit to London. My plan was to go in just order an outfit for an upcoming shoot. Well… That plan kinda failed, ’cause I walked out with this cute baby blue top. Which turned out to be great for a shoot with sweet little Anneleen.

New Face Anneleen in Latex byAtsuko Kudo and William Wilde

Anneleen is kinda new to modeling. She had asked me earlier this year if I would consider doin’ a photo shoot with her. She had done 1 or 2 in the past but never really pursued it. She came to my studio earlier this summer to get acquainted and we quickly became friends. About a month ago, she came by the studio again, and I tried some new light setups while she patiently sat in front of my lens. You can bet, I will be working with Anneleen again.

New Face Anneleen in Latex byAtsuko Kudo and William Wilde

Shannety, Seen at Céline

Last month, Shannety called me and asked if I could do a little shoot with garments she had on loan from Seen at Céline, a young local designer. Her designs are very limited edition, often one-offs. Shannety and I needed just under an hour to get the photos we wanted.

Shannety in an Outfit by Seen at Céline

Shannety in an Outfit by Seen at Céline

Shannety Showing a Coat by Seen at Céline


Lightroom Mobile for iPhone Is Awesome

Lightroom Mobile on iPhoneBack when I shared my 2 favorite camera apps for iPhone (Camera+ and Hipstamatic) I said I would be testing the camera functions of Lightroom Mobile. And wow! It is awesome!

I have been using Lightroom in my laptop for many years. It is my starting point for all my photo retouching and cataloging. Over the last year, I have been preparing myself to use LR Mobile: I now have all my photos in one catalog, created collections for my portfolio and my travel photos.

At first I only a as going to use LR Mobile to show my photos on my mobile devices. But when Adobe announced they where adding shooting in RAW/DNG to the LR Mobile app I knew I had to try it. And it was well worth it!

You can shoot RAW/DNG from right inside the Lightroom Mobile. Your RAW photos get stored in your catalogue and are automatically synced to your desktop. I used to have to connect my iPhone to my laptop and import the photos into my Lightroom catalogue before I could retouch them. And as they were JPEG, my options were limited.

Now, when I get home and my iPhone is connected to WiFi, it syncs with my desktop and photos automatically apear in my catalogue. Shooting RAW on the iPhone means you can use all the familiar tools and sliders in LR. You are able to correct your photo like you would with a RAW photo from your dSLR.

Another advantage of LR Mobile is the ability to edit right on the iPhone itself. Most of the tools and adjustment options you know from LR (that is if you are a LR user of course) on the desktop are available on LR Mobile as well. So instead of having to wait for you to get home, you can edit on your iPhone or iPad, export to JPEG and share on social media right away. And the cool part is, your retouching is synced with your desktop catalogue too!

If you are already a Lightroom user on your desktop, I highly recommend LR Mobile.

I have a couple of sample photos I shot with my iPhone 7 and LR Mobile over the last few weeks. They have been retouched with LR right on my iPhone. I was really impressed with the quality of the photos. Even the concert photo turned out pretty good.

Aurora in Concert made with LR Mobile on iPhone

Tate Modern shot with LR Mobile on iPhone

St. Paul's Cathedral shot with LR Mobile on iPhone

Prickly Pear Ice Cream (aka Cactus Ice Cream)

I am continuing to experiment with homemade ice cream. Last week, I found some fruit purees at a local supermarket. They came pre-made and it quite some exotic flavors. I was a bit skeptic. At first glace, they looked more like juice then puree. But I decided to give them a try. I grabbed a bag of prickly pear–the fruit from a certain type of cactus–puree. It turned out to be a very flavorful puree. Exactly what I would use for making ice cream.

Prickly Pear Ice Cream (aka Cactus Ice Cream)

This is how you make my prickly pear ice cream:

Preparation Method:

Whisk 3 egg yokes and half of the sugar in a bowl until pale and fluffy. Meanwhile combine the heavy cream, milk, the other half of the sugar and the seeds of 1 vanilla pod in a saucepan. When the dairy mixture is close to the boiling point, add half to the beaten egg yokes while whisking to prevent the egg yokes from setting. Add the eggs and dairy to the remainder of the diary mixture and simmer over a medium heat whisking regularly. Add the cactus puree and a pinch of salt. The mixture will start to thicken much like custard. The mixture will be ready when it coats the back of a spoon. Once ready, transfer the custard to a container, let it cool to room temperature and put in the fridge to chill for at least 4 hours; overnight if possible.

To make the ice cream, transfer it to your ice cream machine and follow the instructions of the machine. 


  • 3 egg yokes
  • 500ml heavy cream
  • 250ml whole milk
  • 225gr caster sugar
  • 350ml cactus puree
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • pinch of salt

Norwegian Singer Aurora Impresses Me

Norwegian Singer-Songwriter Aurora Performing at Le Botanique Brussels

Aurora is a young Norwegian singer-songwriter that has just released her debut album All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend and is touring Europe to promote the album. She has released a couple of singles and EP’s since 2012. I picked up on her music a couple of years ago.

Norwegian Singer-Songwriter Aurora Performing at Le Botanique Brussels

Last night she was performing at Le Botanique in Brussels and I was fortunate enough to be at that sold out show enjoying her music while working for Frontview Magazine. She totally impressed me with her mix of electropop and more intimate songs that show her singer-songwriter talent.

Norwegian Singer-Songwriter Aurora Performing at Le Botanique Brussels

Norwegian Singer-Songwriter Aurora Performing at Le Botanique Brussels

See the full album on the Frontview Magazine website.



Portrait Session with Jolien

Jolien in Lingerie

I had Jolien in the studio a couple of weeks back for a portrait and lingerie session. We were assisted by Frany who came in to do Jolien’s make-up. This is our favorite photo from the shoot. Thank you Jolien and Frany for a fun shoot.

My Favorite Camera Apps fop iPhone (part 2)

Last week, I started a new series of blog posts on taking photos with an iPhone. In that 1st episode, I talked about one of my favorite camera apps: Camera+. Today, I will share that other favorite camera app: Hipstamatic.

Hipstamatic Examples

Hipstamatic is by far the coolest app if you like those vintage style photos that are still very popular on Instagram and other social media. Their interface turns your iPhone in a vintage camera. They have tons of different lenses, film types and flash emulators to give your photos that vintage look. And you can endlessly combine all those elements to change the look your photos.

When you have Hipstamatic in its traditional vintage camera mode–the ClassicMode–all you have to do is shake your iPhone to randomize the lens, film and flash type.

Hipstamatic ProMode

I want to have a little more control over the type of lens and film I use though, so I use the new ProMode: it allows for manual control, control over the format of your photos, and you can easily store your favorite combinations of lens, film and flash. I like to use it for snapshots and behind the scenes photos at my photo shoots. I will save the photos to my iPhone’s camera roll of course so I can share them on social media.

I have 2 favorites I use very often: Lucas AB2 lens + BlacKeys B+W film + Dreampop flash for black & white, and Watts lens + Pistil film + Tasty Pop flash for color.