Winter Day London

I love to take holidays the 1st week of the year. Everyone returns to work, all puffed up from eating too much during the holiday season, still tired and lazy, nothing really works, all those daily “best wishes for the new year” message… And I take the time to do things for myself.

With my Fifty-Five Fifty project in mind, I hopped on the Eurostar for a quick day trip to London. It was a cold dark winter day, but I still managed to shoot this scene of St Paul’s Cathedral and the Millennium Bridge.

St Paul's Cathedral

China Light Zoo

The Antwerp zoo is the oldest zoo in Belgium. Their Egyptian Temple, which houses the zoo’s elephants, is world famous. As a kid, going to the zoo was a major event. My grandparents use to take me on the train to the zoo. When I was like 7 years old, it felt like traveling to the other side of the world: on the train to a big city. It felt like… WOW!

But little kids grow up and don’t visit the zoo as often as they would like. It has been over 5 years since I was at the zoo. Going to see the China Light festival made me feel 7 years old again. It was just awesome, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the zoo being so pretty as it did now.

China Light Antwerp Zoo

Fifty-Five Fifty: A Photography Project for 2015

I’ve never done a photography project before. 2015 seems a good year to do something about that. One has to have some sort of new year’s resolution, right?

So I came up with this idea to shoot 5 iconic images in 5 different cities with my 50mm f/1.8 in 2015. And I’ll name the project Fifty-Five Fifty. It’ll combine my passion for photography and my love for traveling in something that–hopefully–be worthwhile looking at.

Charline Lounges On Our Sofa

We have a new sofa in our studio. The neighbors had no use for it anymore. We could think of a couple of things to do with it, like use it as a prop in our studio.

Charline was the first model to lounge on our brand new sofa. Dressed in a latex dress by Joy Williams and ballet heels by Kassiopeya. I loved having her over for a shoot. It had been awhile. You’re always welcome to join me on our sofa Charline!

Getting Dressed

Light of Day Concert in Antwerp

What started out as a birthday bash for Joe D’Urso’s manager Bob Benjamin some 13 years ago, has turned out to a worldwide tour in support of research for a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Light of Day swept trough Antwerp earlier this week. A chance to meet and greet many of my fellow Springsteen fans and friends. And a chance to see a multitude of great artists give their all in support of Light of Day: Jesse Ashfield, James Maddock, Guy Davis, Rob Dye, Anthony D’Amato and Joe D’Urso each took turns on stage to rock the night away.

My buddy Steven Stausens and I put together a full photo album for FrontView Magazine, but I have 2 pics I wanted to share.

Jesse Ashfield (Light of Day 2014)

Anthony D'Amato, Rob Dye, Guy Davis & Joe D'Urso (Light of Day 2014)

(on assignment for Light of Day Belgium and FrontView Magazine)

The Gaslight Anthem Concert in Ancienne Belgique

I shot The Gaslight Anthem on assignment for FrontView Magazine yesterday.

I’ve been a fan of The Gaslight Anthem for quite some time. They are a band from New Jersey. I discovered Brian Fallon’s band when they took the stage with Bruce Springsteen a couple of times. I 1st saw them in Radio City Music Hall in New York City and later when they shared the stage of Hard Rock Calling in London’s Hyde Park.

Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem)

So you can imagine I was quite trilled to be able to shoot some pictures of their concert yesterday in Ancienne Belgique. And the good thing was: I didn’t have to leave after taking pictures, so I got to enjoy the concert as well!