Antwerp City Shoot

The team of Benelux Model Awards and their resident photographers, took couple of their models to Antwerp for a shoot around the city a couple of weeks ago. And that meant I got to work with the lovely Elise again. We went strolling around, no fancy flashes, no staged studio setups, just me and my camera and the talented Elise. And this is what we got when we came back:

Elise in Antwerp

Thank you–as always–Elise for working with me, and thank you Liesbet Liekens for the makeup and Karin Nuyts for the styling.

Photoshop Composite with Shannety

I don’t do composites in Photoshop very often. Still trying to make it work for myself and therefor I don’t show them too often. I do wanna share my latests attempt though. I am very pleased with the result.

Photoshop Composite of Shannety in Latex

My favorite model Shannety wore this awesome latex dress in soft pink by William Wilde on our last photo shoot. And after I was done, I dug up a couple of stock images from iStock, my favorite stock photo site. I’ve been ready up on how to make good photos of the milky way and I always have New York City on my mind. That got me inspired to do this composite.

Jack’s Mascarpone Cream

I did a very quick and easy mascarpone dessert. A perfect ending to any meal, especially for a lover of Jack Daniel’s like me. Coffee anyone?

Mascarpone & Jack Daniel's

This is how I made it (serves 5):

Preparation method:

Put the mascarpone cheese in a bowl and beat it with a wooden spoon until it becomes soft. Add the chopped walnuts, vanilla sugar and the Jack Daniel’s whiskey. Mix until combined. Spoon into a glass and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours to let it set. It that easy or what?

A little side note: you can of course use store bought vanilla sugar, but it is so easy, you should make your own. Take a glass jar, fill it with sugar and as you use vanilla in your other recipes, add the used vanilla pods to the jar. After about 2 months, the sugar becomes infused with the vanilla and is ready to use. Keep on adding your used vanilla pods to the jar and don’t forget to top up with new sugar from time to time.


  • 500gr mascarpone cheese
  • 50gr walnuts, chopped
  • 5 table spoons of vanilla sugar
  • 30ml Jack Daniel’s whiskey

Who’s That Girl?

A week before we headed down to the Ardennes for our tropical paradise shoot, Lizzy was at my studio to get back some of her rhythm. She had not been in front of a camera for some time, and she wanted to be ready for the day trip to the South of Belgium.

It gave me another opportunity to continue to experiment with color gels. When one of my strobes misfired, I had this beautiful silhouette of Lizy roll out of my camera. I used the photo as a teaser on social media, and asked my friends: “Who’s That Girl?”

Silhouette of Lizzy

It took’em a while to realize it was the beautiful Lizzy. But when I showed them this photo, they knew immediately. And I could have sworn Lizzy looked like Jane Fonda in the movie Barbarella. What do you think?

Lizzy looking like Barbarella

20 Shades of Orange

20 Shades of Orange

Sometimes the simples things are the pretties things: Magalie just shines in the latex dress by Kinkykex.

This photo dates from a while back. In fact, it’s a couple of months old. Magalie had not been in front of my camera for a long time. But it did not take more than 30 minutes, 1 light a simple grey background and that stunning dress to get us back on track. I’m sure you’ll see more collaborations between Magalie and me in the future.

Red & Blue Monica

From time to time, I wanna try something new, like playing with flashes and color gels. And I found someone who was kind enough and patient enough to sit for a while and have me test this lighting setup that is new to me.

And guess what: after like 40 minutes or so, I was quite pleased with the portrait of Monica. I’ll need some more practice, but this surely is an addition to my bag of tricks.

Monica Datthijn

A Little Bit of Paradise in Belgium

My Buddy Michel Keppens and I have found a little bit of paradise hidden in the heart of Belgium. We had been talking on and off about doing a photo shoot together. Not just something that you trough together in a couple of minutes, grab the 1st model you can find, head on out, start to shoot and hope for the best.

We wanted something that was a bit more carefully planned. Since it is summer, we decided on a swim wear shoot: somewhere on a tropical location. We found this little river in a nature preserve in Belgium that could fit our needs. We went location scouting, put together a mood board, blocked 3 dates in our calendar, booked models and makeup artists for all dates, and… Last week we went out for our 1st shoot in the series.

Magalie in Phax Swim Wear

Models Magalie and Lizzy joined us on our 1st trip to the Ardennes. They were impressed by the beauty of the location. If you consider that I found the location doing some Geocaching, that is kinda cool.

Michel and I had booked models that would mind posing in latex swim wear. Because, of course, no shoot this big with me as a photographer would be complete without it involving latex. Lizzy wore a red polka-dot set from Westward Bound and Magalie wore a daring one-piece suit designed by William Wilde.

Magalie in Latex by William Wilde

Magalie in Latex by William Wilde

Lizzy in Westward Bound Latex

I enjoyed a day out with these 2 lovely ladies and my buddy Michel and I look forward to another shoot in this series. I will leave you with this little look behind the scenes with Magalie and Michel.

Behind the Scenes