Belgian Air Force Days 2016

So far, we’ve not been blessed with nice weather at our 2016 air shows: it was a dull grey day at the KLu Open Dagen in Leeuwarden and we had to hide from the rain at the 2016 Belgain Air Force Days at Florennes Airbase the other weekend. These photos were all shot before the rain rolled in.

Belgian Air Force NHIndustries NH90

North American B-25 Mitchell

North American T-28 Trojan & P-51 Mustang


Copenhagen Cityscapes

I always use a Bruce Springsteen concert as a good excuse to travel. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate holiday. And I don’t follow him around on his tour. Just a couple of days off to go see a Springsteen concert and explore the city he’s playing, is all it takes to get me excited.


Last week, Springsteen rocked the roof of of the Telia Parken Stadium in Copenhagen. So me and a couple of friends bunched up in the car, drove to Denmark, saw Springsteen and wondered around the city with our camera. And I came home with good memories and these cityscape photos.

Copenhagen Opera House

Gefion Fountain in Copenhagen, Denmark

Frederiks Kirke & Amalienborg in Copenhagen, Denmark

KLu Luchtmachtdagen 2016 – Operatie Luchtsteun

This year’s airshow of the Dutch Air Force at Leeuwarden Airbase was christened Operatie Luchtsteun. And it has been a long standing tradition that we deploy our little FOB at the airbase and try to get a couple of good photos.

AH-64 Apache & PBY Catalina on Static Display

This year, we had the misfortune of having to face dull grey overcast skies. Not the best conditions for a photographer. Too bad, I can’t control the weather. I managed to pull of a few good photos though.

Spanish AF Eurofighter Typhoon

Tjech AF Mig 29 Releasing Chaff

Sarah’s City Shoot Revisited

I very rarely work on photos from past shoots. Occasionally I might touch up an older photo that needs a little work to keep it in my portfolio. But rarely I will revisit a shoot to retouch an photo that I have not already processed before.

Last week Sarah sent me a little message saying: “Do you remember this photo from last year’s city shoot? I like it so much. Can you please retouch it and send it to me?” Then she showed me a snapshot she to from the back of my camera. I thought to myself: “How can I say no to such a doll?” So I went ahead and retocuhed the photo. And you know what? Sarah was right: it is a cool photo.

Photo Shoot with Sarah in Antwerp

Monuments of Madrid

I spent a weekend in Madrid: seeing Springsteen in concert and shoot some photos around town. And a beautiful town it is! The city is full of monuments and beautiful architecture. Way too many to photograph in just 4 short days, so I picked these 3:

Temple of Debod

Monument to Alfonso XII

Palacio de Cibelles

Shooting Latex on Location with Shannety

I’ve been working mostly in the studio the last couple of years. And I’ve always liked to work on location. It adds another dimension to photos, I think. So I’m planning to take my latex shoots to location as much as I can this summer.

Shannety in Latex by Pandora Deluxe and Meat, and Ballet Heels by Kassiopeya

And it seemed only logical and fair that I would take my favorite model out to the 1st location. Shannety and I carefully planned the shoot: we would shoot 1 outfit in a location in Antwerp. It was kind of cold that day, but the stunning beauty of Shannety shined like a bright evening sun.

Shannety was dressed in a matte latex dress by Pandora Deluxe, top by Meat, a belt by Simon O. and ballet heels by Kassiopeya. It was so awesome to see her stand up on those ballet heels. That is a very hard thing to do. And I am very proud of her for doing so. And grateful to be calling her a friend, as always.

Shannety in Latex by Pandora Deluxe and Meat

Shannety in Latex by Pandora Deluxe and Meat

Southside Johnny & the Asbury Dukes

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Dukes at Het Depot Leuven

Wow! What a show it was last night at Het Depot in Leuven. Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes are known for their very energetic shows. And he didn’t let down yesterday. They played a two and a half hour set with songs from their new album Soultime! and well known classics. I especially loved Walk Away Renée into Talk To Me, two personal favorites of mine.

Their mix of soul, blues and rock is well worth checking out. They are playing a few more shows in The Netherlands this weekend before they return home to the Jersey Shore to tour the U.S. this summer.

I was at the concert on assignment for Frontview Magazine. More photos on their website.

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Dukes at Het Depot Leuven

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Dukes at Het Depot Leuven

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Dukes at Het Depot Leuven

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Dukes at Het Depot Leuven

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Dukes at Het Depot Leuven

Eva in Westward Bound Latex

Sometimes, all you need is 1 outfit, a model, a makeup artist and a couple of hours to get good results. And with Eva as a model and Liesbet as a makeup artist, I have the easy life. The girls both did an awesome job, the latex outfit by Westward Bound made Eva shine and all I had to do was take the pictures.

Eva in Westward Bound Latex and Ballet Heels by Kassiopeya

Eva in Westward Bound Latex

Photo Shoot with Miss Fashion 2016

Ines was awarded the title of Miss Fashion 2016 last November. She has a busy schedule but she was kind enough to take some time to come and work with me for a photo shoot.

We had not seen each other in a couple of months. So, after catching up with all the fun stuff she did for Miss Fashion, we went to work on a series of beauty portraits.

Ines Making Travel Plans to New York City

And even when she’s wearing latex, Ines remains gracious and beautiful as always. The swimsuit in Miss Fashion Blue she’s wearing is by Westward Bound and suits her perfectly.

Ines Wears a Latex Swimsuit by Westward Bound in Miss Fashion Blue

Dixie Chicks MMVXI Tour Opener in Antwerp

Dixie Chicks MMXVI Tour Antwerp

Last night, the Dixie Chicks opened their MMXVI world tour in Antwerp, Belgium. I had the opportunity to take pictures at the show for Frontview Magazine.

Almost 10 years after releasing their album Taking the Long Way, Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire and Emily Robison take their award winning crossover country back on the road. The band faced controversy after publicly opposing the Iraqi War in 2003 and decided to take a brake from the action somewhere in 2008. But they are back with a bang: their new show is rock solid!

Dixie Chicks MMXVI Tour Antwerp

Dixie Chicks MMXVI Tour Antwerp

Dixie Chicks MMXVI Tour Antwerp

Dixie Chicks MMXVI Tour Antwerp

More photos are available on Frontview Magazine’s website.