Light of Day Concert in Antwerp

What started out as a birthday bash for Joe D’Urso’s manager Bob Benjamin some 13 years ago, has turned out to a worldwide tour in support of research for a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Light of Day swept trough Antwerp earlier this week. A chance to meet and greet many of my fellow Springsteen fans and friends. And a chance to see a multitude of great artists give their all in support of Light of Day: Jesse Ashfield, James Maddock, Guy Davis, Rob Dye, Anthony D’Amato and Joe D’Urso each took turns on stage to rock the night away.

My buddy Steven Stausens and I put together a full photo album for FrontView Magazine, but I have 2 pics I wanted to share.

Jesse Ashfield (Light of Day 2014)

Anthony D'Amato, Rob Dye, Guy Davis & Joe D'Urso (Light of Day 2014)

(on assignment for Light of Day Belgium and FrontView Magazine)

The Gaslight Anthem Concert in Ancienne Belgique

I shot The Gaslight Anthem on assignment for FrontView Magazine yesterday.

I’ve been a fan of The Gaslight Anthem for quite some time. They are a band from New Jersey. I discovered Brian Fallon’s band when they took the stage with Bruce Springsteen a couple of times. I 1st saw them in Radio City Music Hall in New York City and later when they shared the stage of Hard Rock Calling in London’s Hyde Park.

Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem)

So you can imagine I was quite trilled to be able to shoot some pictures of their concert yesterday in Ancienne Belgique. And the good thing was: I didn’t have to leave after taking pictures, so I got to enjoy the concert as well!

Duvel Brewery Photo Receives 6.5K Likes on Facebook

Duvel over the Rainbow

My snapshot of a rainbow over Duvel brewery I took a couple weeks ago has received 6501 likes on Facebook, and got shared more than 12oo times.

I am so trilled about that. It is by far my most successful photo ever. And I am also so happy that Duvel brewery sent me a crate of Duvel to thank me for my smashing photo.


Shooting with Young Miss Fashion Candidate Sheila Loeckx

Sheila Loeckx is a candidate for Young Miss Fashion 2014. She had asked me to do a fashion shoot with her. We bounced a few ideas around and ended up shooting the city of Antwerp. And Sheila turned out to be a girl for all seasons: we shot some winter outfits and when the sun came out shot a couple of beautiful summers portraits around the MAS museum too.

Thank you Sheila for a fun shoot and your patience with me.

Sheila Loeckx

Sheila Loeckx

Studio Shoot with Liesbet

Liesbet Liekens

The lovely Liesbet came to our studio for a shoot. I usually shoot a couple of times per year with her. She’s not only a very elegant plus size model, but also a very talented makeup artist. It’s always fun to work with her, whether it is as a model or as a makeup artist.

As always: Thanks a lot Liesbet!

Lucky Shot Turns Hit on Facebook

I was stuck in traffic on my way to a customer yesterday morning. Traffic was dense, it was raining, a couple of accidents on my route. It resulted in a 3:15H drive to Brussels. Somewhere half way, I spotted a rainbow over the Duvel brewery in Puurs. I grabbed my iPhone, shot this picture and posted it on my Instagram. As a tag line, I wrote: “There really is a pot of #gold at the end of the #rainbow #duvel”.

Duvel over the RainbowIt got picked up by the guys at Duvel. My friend An sent me a message saying Duvel re-posted it on their Facebook page. It turned out to be a big hit too. This morning, my photo had over 5700 likes and more than 1000 shares on Duvel’s Facebook page. Makes my day for sure. This must be my most successful and most popular photo ever. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. I guess that is what you could call serendipity.

Facebook Screen Capture

Eva in Latex

Eva in Latex

We had a latex fashion shoot with the contestants of Miss Fashion last Saturday. My good friend Eva had been my assistant all day: she helped dress and undress all 12 models, go them to makeup on time and made sure everyone made it to the 3 different sets. Eva did a terrific job. I always know I can rely on her to be the best personal assistant ever.

I had promised her she would be my final model for the day. She posed for me in this sexy catsuit by Libidex and completed her outfit with a body harness by Bodybinds and ballet heels by Kassiopeya.

Dead Man’s Town: A Tribute To Born In The U.S.A.

ThisDead Man's Town: A Tribute To Born In The U.S.A. summer marks the 30th anniversary of Springsteen’s Born In The U.S.A. As matter of fact the album was originally released on June 4, 1984. The album sold over 30 million copies worldwide—probably Springsteen’s best selling album—and it was also the 1st album I ever bought. It was the summer of 1984—it was a beautiful summer as I remember—and I saved up my allowance to go and buy the album on vinyl at a local record store.

Plenty of reasons thus to be very excited about the release of Dead Man’s Town: A Tribute To Born In The U.S.A., a tribute album that celebrates the 30th anniversary of Born In The U.S.A. According to a press release released earlier by Springsteen’s publishing company Shore Fire Media, the album is due to be released on September 16.

The tribute album is already available for pre-order via iTunes and has a rather intimate feeling to it. It sound a lot more acoustic than Springsteen’s original album.