The 2019 MLB London Series

MLB brought major league baseball to Europe for the very 1st time ever. There was a rumor floating around for quite some time: the New York Yankees would play the Boston Red Sox in London in an official MLB game. As long time Yankees fans, that had my best friend and I pretty exited. So when the official announcement came, we bought a pair of tickets to one of the games and set sail to London. Better yet, we boarded an Eurostar train for London.

We had tickets for Saturday’s night game. So after checking in to the Marriott hotel and doin’ some shopping, we headed down to the London Stadium, formerly the Olympic Stadium for the 2012 Olympic and now home to West Ham United. Found our seats, grabbed a bite to eat, made friends with the Dutch and English setting next to us and go all psyched up for the game.

After an exiting 1st inning, the score was tied at 6 – 6. That hadn’t happened in MLB history for more than 30 years. 4 hours and 42 minutes later our team came out on top: Yankees 17, Red Sox 13! Yankees win! Yankees win! Yankees win!

Selfie at the MLB 2019 London Series
The MLB 2019 London Series
The MLB 2019 London Series
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