Springsteen at Pinkpop

Got to see Springsteen last night; for the 2nd time this week.

Bruce was headliner at the 40th edition of Pinkpop last night. He has never played festivals before. Everyone I know and is somewhat of a Springsteen fan said it wasn’t the best of ideas for him to play at a festival. And well… they’re right.

Pinkpop has a very good reputation. They’ve had many well-known international headliners over the years. Unfortunately, I am not a big fan of festivals. And the organisation blew it when they said they don’t allow us to bring in any drinks or food. Not even tap water in a Camelbag. The only objective was to sell more of the overpriced food and beer.


That sorta spoiled the fun for me. And Bruce surely didn’t play the best show in my opinion. The crowd wasn’t the best crowd I’ve had. But it was great to see Jay Weinberg play drums and it was fun to see Bruce wrestle a big teddy bear on stage. That teddy bear carried a sign with a very nice request song: From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come). A treat for every Springsteen fan and certainly the highlight of the night for me.


Next time Bruce play your own show and don’t make me go to a festival!

But still… It turned out to be a great weekend: I got treated to dinner in a top restaurant by my little sister. Thank you Baby girl! I loved it.

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