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Did you know my blog’s 1st post dates back to 2003? Even more, did you know I have registered the domain name back in 1999 and always maintained some form of website since I 1st registered the domain.

My blog has always been at the heart of my presence on the web. When social media websites like Facebook and the likes became increasingly popular, I neglected my blog for a while and relied on them for all forms of “news”. But when all social media outlets started implementing curated feeds and swamp our feeds with ads, I started to rely more on my own website and other websites to learn about the things I’m interested in.

I’m taking more notice to mailing lists, news websites, blog posts of friends and organizations, etc. And to do that, I rely on RSS feeds. Many sites have an RSS feed embedded: news sites like CNN, VRTNWS, BBC News but also YouTube, Tumblr and WordPress based sites like my own have an RSS feed.

Feedly App

To read my favorite news feeds, I rely on the news aggregator site Feedly and their app (available for MacOS, iOS and Andriod) .

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