Pink by Shannety

Pink by Shannety with Black Latex

I’ve finished my photographic year 2016 like I started it: a photo shoot with my favorite model Shannety. Back in January we worked on something with latex and color gels. That was new for us. And for our last shoot of 2016 we wanted something new too. Ripping up the background and have Shannety pop out seemed like fun.

Shannety is crazy about pink. She even named her Instagram Pink by Shannety. Go check it out. She runs a little fashion blog on her IG.

Using a pink background was the obvious choice.

Starting of with portraits was an obvious choice too. After a few shots, we knew this was gonna be fun. We aimed for a new profile picture to grace Shannety’s IG blog.

But everything became much more fun when she changed into beautiful black latex lingerie by Zorenko London and dauntingly high ballet heels from Kassiopeya.

Pink by Shannety with Black Latex
Pink by Shannety with Black Latex


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