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Banana & Pear Milkshake

I have few little ditties that came out of my kitchen in recent weeks. Easy recipes to make that make a pretty picture.

Is there any better way to start the weekend than with a homemade cocktail? Grab your favorite citrus fruits from the fridge and squeeze them. Mix the just with 1oz of Bacardi white rum, 0.5oz of amaretto and 0.5oz Cointreau. Garnish with mint and dried citrus slices. Serve ice cold of course.

I used an orange, a lime, 2 clementines and half a grapefruit for this cocktail.

Summer Cocktail

And for dessert: banana & pear milkshake! Peel 1 banana and 1 pear and cut into cubes. Freeze them for a few hours. Once fronzen solid, put them in the blender with about a cup of Greek yogurt and a tablespoon of honey. Blend until creamy. Top with whipped cream and a cherry and voilà… Dessert done!

Banana & Pear Milkshake
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