Update Regarding my Photoshoots During COVID-19

I hope you and your family have kept safe during this health crisis. And I hope you continue to do so.

We are slowly settling into a life after COVID-19. As per June 8, 2020, our government is steadily allowing businesses to reopen and making normal human interaction possible again.

Photographers can get back to work too. So, I am slowly starting to plan photoshoots again. Always with the utmost respect for the rules of the Belgian federal government and local authorities of course. I will take every precaution to minimize the risk of infection.

In light of that, I will impose extra measures on all photoshoots until September 1st, 2020:

  • All photoshoots will be one-on-one sessions only. It will be just the model and me on set for the whole duration of the session. I will not allow make-up artists, stylists, chaperones or other models on set;
  • I will keep at least 1.5m between myself and the model at all times. Models will adhere to keeping distance too;
  • I will contact the model via telephone the day before the shoot to confirm that either party shows no symptoms of COVID-19 or other infectious diseases;
  • My photoshoots will at least 10 days apart;
  • I will not agree to photoshoots on the public domain;
  • Location shoots will only be possible in well ventilated indoor locations or outdoors;
  • My studio is well ventilated and kept clean. I will continuously ventilate my studio during the shoot;
  • Studio props and equipment will be disinfected before use;
  • Latex outfits will be washed and disinfected the day before a shoot.

Following my previous communication regarding COVID-19, I will 1st contact my regulars and those of you that had their appointment cancelled due to COVID-19. Mails and/or DM’s will go out to those ladies in the next few days.

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