Dear Thunder Road member, dear visitor, dear friend,

For over five years I have been creating, maintaining and updating the Thunder Road website for you. All that time, we have been the only Springsteen fan site with a focus on events in Belgium and Europe; for a long time we were the only Belgium-based Springsteen fan-site. I take great pride in this site and great pleasure too. Trying to serve your information needs has always been my first objective. I enjoyed the positive feedback I got. I answered to your mails with tremendous amount of pleasure.

However, I found it hard to keep up with the news lately. 2003 has been a very busy year for me, both professionally--with new international assignments--and personally. It's been a year where I discovered a few new activities and decided that I wanted to spend more time with family and friends. In the future, I want to divide my time more evenly between work, family, friends and my (too many) hobbies.

|Therefore, I have decided to take a break from maintaining a Springsteen fan site for a while. Springsteen's latest tour following the release of the album The Rising has finished in October 2003. It was a very successful tour and I am sure it will be followed by a period of relative silence. The same thing happened after the Reunion Tour, and at that point I found it hard to bridge that gap of relative silence; I found it hard to stay focused on the news; I found it hard to respond to your questions in a timely fashion. So, if I wanted to take a break from my Springsteen fan site, now would be the best time. And I really need that break!

|I do not plan to retire from maintaining a Springsteen fan site. I have the intention to return with a renewed website in the future.

This does not mean I lost interest in Springsteen's music and this does not mean I love Springsteen's music any less. On the contrary: through the many new people I have met, I have come to love his music even more. I have also come to like the national and international community of Springsteen fans.

And it does not mean that I will no longer take interest in Thunder Road. I will continue to support Thunder Road and add my two cents to any of Thunder Road's activities. In the mean time however, if you need to get in touch with Thunder Road, please contact Peter Mestach, (09)232 17 90 or for all your questions related to Bruce Springsteen and Thunder Road.

Hope to see you soon again, in real life or on the Internet! Kris (TR Webmaster).