Photoshoots & COVID-19 (5)

As I write this 5th update regarding my photoshoots during the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope everyone is safe and healthy.

The situation in Belgium remains volatile. We are still facing higher than expected numbers of COVID-19 infections. The Belgian government and health officials still urge us to be careful. And we still have a protective measures in place to reduce the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, these measures also limit my possibilities for photoshoots.

As a non-commercial photographer, I have to adhere to the measures for the general public. So for now, I will start 2021 with a very limited number of photoshoots. And they will be by invitation only, i.e.: I will contact the model to see if she’s interested and to set up a shoot.

Now more than ever, I wish you happiness and good health for the new year. I hope to see you all in 2021. Stay safe, stay healthy!

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