Model Agency Casting Days

I’ve been helping out my friends of FashionMove on their casting days over the last few months. We had a lot of fun with the team, as always.

I love working with aspiring models as much as I love working with our team. Almost new models are grateful for the coaching they get from us and they are always delighted to see the results of their very 1st photoshoot with us. And, it is very rewarding to see that some of them continue to become quite successful models.

There was this one portrait I did on the recent FashionMove casting days that caught my eye: this Amy, on her very 1st shoot ever. Isn’t cool that a girl with no experience at all produces a portrait this stunning?

Model Amy for FashionMove Model Agency in Antwerp

Model Amy’s make-up is done by Shana Meylemans, Maren Nivelle, Ellen Cuypers and Melissa La Piane for Blush Academy + Agency.

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