Jungle Queen

Finally! After 6 months of inactivity, life returned to my photo studio! I can not begin to explain you how thrilled I was to have a real human in my studio again. One of my favorite humans too: Shannety. Millions of IM’s and countless hours on FaceTime can not compare to having her in the studio.

We shot the swimwear collection for her webshop. This is one of the shots we did. Shannety styled the outfit herself and we added a couple of house plants to complete the jungle look. Needless to say that we had lots of fun turning my studio into a jungle.

Check Shannety’s webshop at SecretLittleCloset.be for her complete collection of swimwear for this summer.

Model Shannety is a Jungle Queen in her Bikini from SecretLittleCloset.be
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