It’s in the roar of the crowd after each song. It’s in the smiles of the folks around. It’s in the cheers of someone hearing their favorite song. It’s in de sparkle in the eyes of that one girl while she’s slow dancing in the arms of the boy she loves. It’s in meeting friends before the show for dinner and drinks. It’s in the excitement raging through my body when the houselights go down. It’s in the surprise guest appearances and songs you didn’t expect to hear.

It is not just one thing that makes me love going to concerts. It is in a 1000 little things. And for me… It is also about in the ice cream on the way home.

The last song of the last concert I saw was Samantha Fish’s cover of Bukka White’s Shake ‘Em on Down. That was March 11, 2020. I have not been in a concert venue since that day.

Boy, how I’ve missed going to concerts. And I am so utterly happy that I’m going to a Barbara Dex concert tonight. A local hero playing a gig in my hometown. I wouldn’t want to miss that. I have to admit that I am bit nervous though. COVID-19 is still among us. Obviously, I will take every precaution possible to avoid infection. But being in a crowd is a risk and that does make me nervous.

I am very grateful for all the live streams I am able the enjoy. From the weekly show at the Opry on Sunday mornings, Marren Moris, Brian Fallon, Martin Praetorius’ weekly gig on Wednesday, Taylor Tote and Zara Larsson to the Dropkick Murphys featuring Springsteen, and everyone in between. I tipped artists where tipping was due. I have a pile of new albums on my desk. But nothing, absolutely noticing beats the feeling of a live show!

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