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The ‘59 Sound Redux

The Gaslight Anthem is currently touring to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of their sophomore album The ’59 Sound. Like their lead singer Brian Fallon, the band hails from New Brunswick, NJ. The band appeared on my radar when Bruce Springsteen did a couple of notable guest appearances with them. I remembering loving […]


Is that still a thing? #mycalvins? A little while ago, every model and photographer wanted to do their own take on the Calvin Klein underwear thingy, but lately, I’ve not seen too many of those pics appearing in my social media feeds. I did my take on them #mycalvins pics way back in January. I’ve […]

Summer on a Plate

Dazzle your friends with a very summery salad. This salad with octopus, tomatoes and feta looks impressive but it takes minutes to assemble. I used store bought marinated octopus, a selection of tomatoes in different colors–make sure they are juicy and ripe–and good feta. Sprinkle on some salt, black pepper and some extra virgin olive […]

Model Agency Casting Days

I’ve been helping out my friends of FashionMove on their casting days over the last few months. We had a lot of fun with the team, as always. I love working with aspiring models as much as I love working with our team. Almost new models are grateful for the coaching they get from us […]

Axelle is sooooooooo Fluffy!

And so is my beautiful friend Shannety! When both girls came in to the studio a couple weeks back, they brought multi colored faux-fur coats. Axelle wore a multi colored coat that matched her dark hair and black basic outfit. Obviously, Shannety had to wear her favorite color: PINK! After all, she goes by @pinkbyshannety […]

Combining Colors

It is a simple trick: combine red, green and blue light to create white light… At least in theory. Since I’ve been playing around with color gels, it seemed to be a good idea to test that theory. These 2 portraits of Axelle and Shannety are my 1st try at this. They’re quite ok, but […]