Vacation Starts at Coffee

5AM, my alarm clock rings, I open my eyes and grumble:”Man, I hate to get up so early in the morning to go to w…” I stop, remind myself I don’t have to go to work and put a smile on my face. I’m going away for some serious fun. Somewhere in the back of my head the opening lines to Dolly Parton‘s hit 9 to 5 linger in my head.

I grap my stuff, drive out to meet my buddies Glenn and Luc. Glenn will drive us to Brussels airport to drop us off. Luc will be my travel partner for the next weeks.

Tennessee Travel Selfie

I am not particularly fond of Brussels Airport but it is early in the morning an checking is swift and easy. Wobbled through the airport, thanking the soldiers patrolling the airport along the way, past security we sit down at Starbucks for coffee. There are those Dolly Parton lyrics again: pour myself a cup of ambition… My vacation starts right here, right now.

Can’t wait to settle in in my chair on the big Delta bird for a couple of movies on my way to our 1st stop: Atlanta, GA.

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